More shopping…

I took today off. Had to do some medical stuff, but that was basically running by the house every two or three hours. I went shopping and picked up some new sheets, a blanket, and some pillows. My old pillows are going on 5 years old and are worn out. My sheets are also about that age and are showing wear.


  1. Socks should be closer to the color of your pants than the color of your shoes. Helps to elongate your leg (although, if your pants are long enough, you won’t see your socks except when sitting down)

  2. Alright! Now my outfit is complete and I can wear it with confidence…or at least as much confidence as I can muster. 🙂

  3. Socks…. 😛

    Well dude I will wish you good luck tommrow.

    I’m dressed decently myself for my friend Jonathan’s Grad. Party. Girls+Music+Dancing+Food = Awesome time.

    Anyhow man i’m off

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