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I’ve just been busy this past week.  Daniel’s daycare closes for two weeks for cleaning, and we’re in the middle of that.  I realized this afternoon that I’ve enjoyed spending the time with Daniel and being able to do whatever.  We’ve gone to the park, we’ve played outside, we’ve read books, we’ve played in the house, we’ve taken naps together…it’s been nice and relaxing.  I really had hoped to get more cleaning done around the house, especially with him taking naps in the afternoons, but I haven’t.  When I had Daniel at the park this evening, after his return from Chicago, I was thinking that I would enjoy just not going back to work for CEE.  I haven’t missed the chilly office, the demanding users, and the lack of appreciation.  C’mon CITES, come through for me…

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  1. Sounds like an interesting week. This week I hadn’t done very much but missed being at the beach. While during the weekend I went to Otakon with Exo and saw Mezzo and had a great time.

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