And so it goes…

I was going to go to bed at 10:45.  By the time I remembered a few things I was going to check online, went to get my glasses out of my car…which reminded me to get and charge my iPod…which reminded me to put my Q-Unit mashup stuff on there…which forced me to manipulate the song titles…which made me listen to some of it…it’s now 11:25.  Oh well..

What have I been up to for the last two weeks?  I don’t even know…I’m trying to think back through it.  I bought a new mouse, Logitech G5, on my way back from Chicago two weeks ago.  I played a lot of CS, getting used to the mouse, that weekend.  Match that we lost on Monday.  Did a lot of work around the house last week/weekend, getting Daniel’s room organized, as well as the computer room…or at least Daniel’s stuff within the computer room.  Caught up on laundry.  Practiced more over the weekend evenings.  Won our week 2 match on Tuesday of this week.  Practiced Wednesday night, played GunGame tonight.  I was supposed to have a Adult, Infant, and Child with AED CPR course last night, but it was cancelled/rescheduled for next week.

The past two weeks has flown by…it’s all a blur.  Hopefully I can take some time this weekend to just relax, but that’s giong to be tough between the remaining housework, practicing for next week’s match, and catching up on missed sleep.
Oh, and reinstalling Windows for my brother…I nearly forgot about that, but he’s due.  I’ve got some computer parts coming, but I don’t think they’re going to arrive before the weekend, so I’ll have to do that some evening after Daniel goes to sleep next week.

What else?  It’s been really uneventful.  I want some excitement…or at least something that isn’t just sitting around by myself.  Am I still in that funk?  Probably…

I also want to dedicate some time to working through The Shy Single, but I know that it’s going to be draining, so I haven’t really done it.  Or maybe I’m scared of change.  Or maybe I’m scared that I can’t change.  *shrug*  *sigh*


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