Time has been slipping by…

Today is my first day at work since last Wednesday…it was so hard coming in from the parking lot.  Last Thursday was CCSP’s Fall Conference, an all-day event for campus IT professionals.  Around 3:00, I got a call from daycare telling me that Daniel had a fever of 101.  As a result, I couldn’t take him to daycare on Friday, which almost rained on my Friday afternoon plans.  However, Mark was also sick, so he watched Daniel while I went to Beckman for 1.25 hours.  That went well, I think.  Give it another week or two, though.  *shrug*

Friday evening, Daniel and I went out to dinner with some friends, then went to walk around the mall for a while.  Saturday, we went to the Illini game vs. Ohio State.  Mark and I watched the game with a bunch of OSU fans, while Daniel stayed in the motor home with his friend Emma and her mom, Lisa.  He seemed to have fun, as did we.  The game was not what I expected.  I expected a blowout from the #1 team in the nation.  However, we held OSU to 17 points in the first half and scoreless in the second half, while rallying to score 3 in the third quarter (first points given up by OSU in 10 quarters) and 7 points in the fourth quarter.  We had a couple of missed opportunities, but really got screwed over by the new clock rules, by which the NCAA decided to shorten games by 15-20 plays.  :(  Oh well, it was still a great game to watch and gives me hope for next year’s Illini football team.

On Sunday, Daniel and I went to meet my parents for lunch between my house and theirs.  After lunch, we went to the mall there and walked around for a while.  My parents always enjoy spending time with Daniel, and he enjoys seeing them, so that was a nice time.

And then back to work today…  🙁

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