I should go to bed now, but I thought I’d sit down and type a bit first. Last week was…meh. It was a short week, so only 3 days at work. Josh was on vacation, so I had the door closed. I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to accomplish and planned to do some things remotely from Carbondale on Friday/Saturday. I found out late Wednesday evening, after arriving in Salem, that my grandparents would be out of town and that we wouldn’t be going to their house. They’ve got a cable modem with wireless…my parents have dial-up. I was getting a whopping 28.8 Kbps on that sucker the one time I connected. Going four days without access to the tubes is not healthy. 🙂

Daniel had a great time this weekend. He got to spend lots of time with his grandparents. We drove down to my (late) great-grandparents’ farm on Sunday and he got to go for a ride on the tractor and wagon to see the various parts of the farm. It’s a huge place with great views in the hilly region of Southern Illinois (think Shawnee National Forest area).

We got back late Sunday, I blew off the work I was going to do, and I went to bed late. However, I got up early and dropped Daniel off at 8:00 instead of his normal 8:45. His teachers were surprised to see him, since he was 30 minutes early to breakfast and not 15 minutes late. I would really like to string together more than one day of arriving at that time, so I’m giong to go to bed soon. I didn’t put on too much weight over the weekend, so I’m doing alright as far as the diet is concerned.

Until next time, I bid thee adieu.

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