It’s cold.

Champaign has gone from highs in the 60s a week ago to highs in the 20s.  Anyone who’s been here knows that it’s not the temperature, however.  It’s that freaking wind.  🙁

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Space Empires 5 since last Wednesday, much to Mike’s dismay.  It gives me an opportunity to do other things while turns are processing, like folding laundry, that CS just doesn’t allow.  However, I’ve been staying up until 3 almost every night playing, so that’s worse than CS.  I think I’m going to cut gaming for the rest of the week, go to bed at 10 each night, and then catch up on some CS this weekend.
Hmmm…what else has been going on?  Still awaiting a couple of e-mail responses.  Trying to cut expenses for the next couple of months to try to pay down my credit card debt and/or have some spare money for Christmas shopping.  Still trying to lose weight.

Ah, yeah.  That.  I weighed in at 240.3 this morning, which means that Thanksgiving didn’t totally derail me.  I’ve got goals set, timelines in mind, and a few rewards planned along the way.  I’m feeling good about this.  Also, I looked at myself in the mirror earlier and realized that I need more sleep.  The dark bags under my eyes are not that flattering…

And now it is 5:00.  Time to hit the road.

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