Active day…

Last weekend, I took Daniel over to play with Ashlyn at Josh and Kelly’s house.  They had a lot of fun.  While we were there, Josh told me that they had gone to Sholem Aquatic Center the weekend before and Ashlyn loved it, so we made plans to go today.  My parents decided to come up and spend last night and tonight at my house, but I told them that we were going swimming whether they were here or not.  My mom ended up going with us, while my dad went to look at some golf clubs…

Daniel had a pretty good time playing in “The Puddle”, which is the infant/toddler area.  I think he also enjoyed the lazy river, but he didn’t want to go back there when I went.  We all played at the pool for 3-4 hours, having a pretty good time.  It wasn’t too hot, though the breeze made it a little chilly when you got out of the water, but it was still a beautiful day.  The pool wasn’t too busy, so we had plenty of room to play with few lines for the water slides.  Daniel went down the tube slide with me…I think he liked it all the way up to the end, when he got splashed in the face with some water.  We packed our lunch and ate in the little grassy area.  It was really nice to get outside, relax, and have fun.

Now, my parents are trying to get him down for his nap while I get ready to go watch Transformers with Josh.  I’ve heard really good things, so I hope it lives up to the hype.

After that, I’ll probably take Daniel outside to play with his new set of golf clubs (real metal ones…).

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