My bike

For the past three weeks, I’ve been meaning to get my bicycle down from the hooks in the garage and inspect it to see what condition it is in.  I finally got it down tonight, aired up the tires, washed it off, degreased/lubed the chain, checked the brakes, and took it for a spin to make sure the derailleurs were still in good working order.  Everything seemed fine, except for a possible slow leak in the rear tire.  I’m going to let it sit for a few days and see if it goes flat, but after that, I think I’m good to go.

I haven’t ridden my bike at all for close to three years, in spite of being given an infant seat for it over a year ago.  I never got around to getting it out last summer, so I’m glad I finally did this year.

I gave my front and rear lights to a friend last year, so I’m going to have to pick up replacements.  Most of my bike rides will be in the evening, so I’d rather play it safe.  I need to look at my helmet, as it probably needs to be replaced, along with my riding gloves.  I have a feeling that this may get expensive.

The only thing I dislike about living here is the fact that there is no way to ride a bicycle outside of my neighborhood without putting myself at considerable risk.  The underpass on Springfield involves riding on a road with no shoulder, as does the overpass on Kirby.  I’d love to ride my bike to work, but I don’t feel confident that other drivers will be safe on those stretches.  I could always buy a bike rack and take my bike closer, starting my trek from Daniel’s daycare, but I don’t really see a point to that.

For now, I’ll have to be content with riding around my neighborhood, praying that people don’t blow through stop signs.  🙂

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