Busy weekend

Sunday, I helped with the youth service, drove out to Allerton Park with my friends, drove up to pick up Daniel, then topped it off with a Church Council meeting.

The discussion in the Church Council meeting about the annual report that had to be submitted got me to thinking about getting re-certified as a Certified Lay Speaker.  I went through the coursework and was certified when I was in college and going through the Ministry Inquiry Process, but after several years of not really using it, other than filling the pulpit at my own churches a few times, I let it slide.  I think that at this point in my Christian life, I’m interested in making that commitment again and actually putting it to use either to do pulpit-fill (filling in for pastors when they go on vacation, etc.) or leading a study group.  I’ll have to see how difficult it is to be re-certified, but I think that’s my next step.

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