Winds of change

I did the youth service on my own today…I wish I’d been a bit more prepared, but I handled myself alright. I have a really hard time reading the youth, but I think I might have hit home on a point or two.

This afternoon, I freed up a lot of spare time. I quit my volunteer admin job with CAL because I was getting totally burned out on it. Shortly before that, I went “inactive” with my gaming clan because I was tired of all of the drama. I didn’t completely quit that, but I don’t know that I intend to go back to being anywhere near as active as I was. As a result of quitting CAL, I’m no longer going to the CPL Winter Event…it was only going to work if the Google job came through and that would only work if I quit CAL, so it was a catch-22. I feel a lot less stressed right now. I hope that the Google job comes through tomorrow so that I can get that going. I’ve really got the itch to get my credit card debt paid off now that it’s a possibility.

Mark may be moving out in a few weeks…that’s really going to suck and I’ll really miss having him around. We’ll see how his interview goes this week, but I think I’m giong to have to start prepping Daniel for it, as he might have some trouble coping. 🙁

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