Several of you already know that I finally started a part-time job a few weeks ago.  The previous update is my own way to quickly refer to my hours.  I’m expected to average around 20 hours per week, though I can work as few as 10 and as many as 30.  The week of my starting date was Thanksgiving week and I didn’t end up getting access to the system until the next Monday.  I’m going to use the next four weeks to make up for the slow start.  By my calculation, I need three 30-hour weeks and one 25-hour week to get my average up to 20/week.  My intention is to use this income to pay off my credit card debt and possibly build up a little bit of an “emergency” fund.  My goal is to be in a position to start paying back my student loans by the end of 2008.  I suppose that you could think of this as a New Year’s Resolution…but one that started about a month and a half early.  The unfortunate part is that I really have to be sure to keep myself motivated and make myself not skip a night of working.  It’s hard to make up 3-4 hours of work by cramming it in later in the week.  If I work from 9pm-1am, but skip a night, then I have to either work another 4 hours on the weekend or be sure to spread it out across the rest of the weekday evenings which puts me finishing around 2am.  This isn’t as difficult when I’m looking at 20 hour weeks, but I’m looking at 30 hour weeks for the next three weeks, so I really need to get 4 hours * 7 nights + 2 extra hours somewhere and can’t really skip any nights.  It’s rough, but I’m surviving.

It’s so tempting to do my part-time job while I’m at work…I’ve got so much free time.  However, I know that this is completely unethical and illegal, so it won’t happen.  Instead, I volunteered to help out with some “Wake on LAN” testing that was discussed at the Engineering IT group because I’ve got plenty of free time to dedicate to this sort of thing and I’d really like to get involved in a few projects that I can bring up to show my technical aptitude in future interviews.  My current day-to-day makes for really shitty interview fodder.  🙁

The Spring 2008 CCSP Planning Committee was also mentioned today, but I’m really not sure if I want to get involved with that at this particular time.  We’ll see how things shake out, though.

I stepped down from my CAL admin job for about 3 weeks because I was really burned out, but I started back up again about 2.5 weeks ago.  I’ve now determined that I’ll be quitting permanently when the current season is over later this week.  I can’t put in as much time as I feel is necessary to do the job right and won’t be able to for a whole year, so I feel that it would be better for everyone for me to just step down permanently.  I’ve really enjoyed doing the job and I think that my work was appreciated by those involved, whether it was other admins or the players, so I’m not leaving with any regret or hard feelings.  I hope that the league continues to prosper.

The head teacher in the nursery at Daniel’s daycare asked me for my e-mail address last night.  She’s apparently going to try to set me up with someone, but she didn’t really give me much information, so I’m rather nervous.  Part of me really wants to start dating again (the lonely part), but part of me doesn’t want to start dating again (the scared part).  I’m really rather apprehensive.  It’s probably a good thing that I have an appointment with my therapist on Friday so we can discuss some of these issues in-depth.  (Backstory:  Daniel started at this daycare when he was about 3 months old…the head teacher in his classroom was the only one he’d fall asleep for and he really likes her.  Around the time he turned 2, we started going to get “Nina hugs” every evening when I’d pick him up.  He knows that he has to behave or he can’t get hugs, etc., and he generally insists on going.)

I went out a few nights last week…Thursday night I went to dinner at Guido’s and then to see Superbad at the Virginia Theater with Eric/Leslie and Josh/Andrea.  I felt a bit like a fifth wheel, but the movie was hilarious and I was glad for the break.  Friday night after I got back from the round-trip, I went out to Cowboy Monkey with Eric/Leslie and Josh/Andrea to see The Wilders and then over to The Esquire to meet up with Dave and some of the GS-LIS people.  That was fun, as well.

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