As I work…

I picked up some ingredients to make my own bagel sandwiches earlier this evening…some shaved honey mesquite turkey breast, colby jack cheese, Lender’s egg bagels, and some spicy brown mustard.  This, combined with the cream cheese I already had at home, makes a delicious bagel sandwich.  Mmmm.

I need to put in about 9 hours tonight because of the holiday-shortened week, so I’ll be up all night.  Damn you, procrastination.  However, I started at 10pm and have until 10am, so I’ve got 3 hours of wiggle room.  I’m already close to 3 hours in and I’ve come up with a plan.  Somewhere around 4 or 5am I will be going to Merry Ann’s Diner for breakfast.  They’ve got coffee and free wireless internet, so i can continue my work while also getting a pick-me-up.  One of my friends pointed out that this was “a plan…not a great plan, but a plan”.  I responded that by the time I get around to executing it, it will seem like a great plan.  That’s what staying up all night will do to you.  🙂

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