My pager has been slowly breaking over the past few weeks.  The brackets where the belt clip attach are cracking and it’s been falling off of my belt on a regular basis.  I finally navigated my way through the maze that is CITES’ website and found the information for the nifty alpha-numeric pagers that handle pages via the e-mail to pager gateway.  I also took the time to track down exactly how many pagers were assigned to my group, find them all, make sure the numbers were correct, and request that the extras be cancelled.  While they each only cost $2.50 per month, that’s an extra $60 per year that I’m saving.  Add that to the $30,000 per year that I’m saving in the Computer Support budget by not spending frivolously and the measly raise I got last year, and I’m saving the department a lot of money…too bad they likely won’t give me a cut of that in the form of a raise this year.  I hate this place.  🙁

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