The only winning move is not to play.

I’ve used this quote several times in the last day.  It started yesterday when I was talking to a friend who was about to start dusting off his knowledge of MSSQL.

I put it here because I hate coming up with subjects…all of my subjects seem to be the same, at least in my own mind.  I’m sure that if I looked back across the months, that wouldn’t be the case, but it’s how I feel.

Emily has been bugging me about not posting.  I try to point out that I often go a while without posting, but to no avail.  🙂

Things are going well, I guess.  I’m really, really busy, but I guess it beats being really, really bored.

Job #1 is…the same.

I’m trying to put in 30 hours for Job #2 this week.  I’m already at about 14 hours.  I hope to get a few more hours in today and tonight to push me closer to 20.  I don’t have much on my plate for tomorrow, unlike today, so I’d like to get another 8 in tomorrow so that I have little to do over the weekend.

I’m on my second major computer cleanup in 2 weeks for Job #3.  The first gig ended up being caused by AdAware’s service that was failing to start…I only charged the lady 2 hours, though the various scans took over 8.  This second gig is a pair of computers that are currently being reinstalled.  The initial diagnosis will probably be charged for 2 hours, though the scans also took about 8 hours.  The reinstall will probably be closer to 4-5 hours, as there are two computers and I made backups, etc.  That’s a good start to the month.  I can’t remember how many hours I had last month, but I think it was about 5 or 6.  It’s pretty nice for being a second part-time job.

Other things are going swimmingly.  Daniel has taken off with reading, though his comprehension is below his word recognition.  Something to work on, I suppose.

We’re traveling again this weekend.  Emily’s sister, Christa, is celebrating her 30th birthday by going out to Maggiano’s for dinner on Saturday.  It should be fun.  Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend so that we can get out and do some things.

And now…back to work.

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