Ethics training

The state requires yearly ethics training and have gone out of their way to discourage those who may gloss over it.  A few years ago, people were racing through it and then being informed that they failed, in spite of answering all questions correctly, as a result of having gone through it too quickly.  One of the guys I work with now was guilty of this.

It’s that time of year again and I want to use basic knowledge to break into the accounts of others.  Between PH, Facebook, and shared passwords, it would be extremely easy to log into the accounts of others.  When I see a system that is so flawed that anyone with half a brain can access a large number of the accounts, especially from someone as “important” as the State Ethics Officer, it pisses me off.

I’ll do the right thing and not log into anyone else’s account, but I’ll still hate how stupid the process is.


Even better…when I get to the login page, it actually gives me the formula for the usernames:

John L. Smith born June 5th, 1970
Login ID:


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