I know that it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything of substance…several of you have reminded me of this.  In the past week, I’ve come to the site twice to rectify this, only to realize that there was a WordPress update that needed to be installed.  This distraction was enough to take me out of the post-writing zone.  This time, however, I’m actually going to follow through.

We’ve all been pretty busy for the last few months, but I’ll try to remember as much as possible.

Daniel lost the tooth that I wrote about in November within a few days.  He lost it as his mom’s house and didn’t know where, so it is quite possible that he swallowed it.  Nothing came of that, so now he just has a missing tooth for the next couple of years.

My temporary assignment to Google via WorkforceLogic came to an end, giving me more free time but less money.

Thanksgiving was an experience…Daniel and I went south to spend the day with my dad’s family, while Emily stayed in Champaign to spend the day with her family.  On Friday, Emily drove down to Salem and we all went to Carbondale to visit my mom’s family for a couple of days.

December was pretty busy…we did lots of things, including making Save The Date cards, going to the symphony, visiting family for Christmas.  I had to cheat and read Emily’s blog to remind myself what went on that month…

January was pretty packed with part-time work from my consulting job.  I put in about 30 hours that month for one client…a client who later fired us as their computer support company and is now trying to get out of paying us the full amount they owe.  They were extremely demanding with unrealistic expectations and refused to listen to our recommendations.  We were not the best people for one of the tasks they were requesting and decided that this meant that we were not the best people for any of their work.  *shrug*

If you’ve been following Emily’s blog, then you already know that we signed contracts for both the wedding cake and the florist.  The bakery ended up going out of business, as did the florist.  The baker moved out of town and we found a new baker, but the florist still intends to honor his wedding contracts.  We also had a lot of trouble with the I-Hotel, but once the owner/developer got involved, things have been smooth sailing.  We also booked our honeymoon to Riviera Maya for the week after she gets out for the summer.

Since November, we have become active in two churches.  Emily seems very interested in Quest, while I’ve still stayed connected to Urbana Grace.  Being active in both has caused some friction, but we’re dealing with it as best we can.

The full-time job was very hectic right around the start of the new semester, but calmed down again until last week, when some new virus started going around and infecting lots of computers.  I still really like it with the College of Business and never have any feeling of nostalgia for my days in CEE.

Things seem to be coasting right now…we’re in a lull where we’ve started sending out invitations, though we’re not close to being finished, and we’re starting to get RSVPs back.  Emily and I are both really looking forward to the wedding and while we know that we’ll need the next two and a half months to get things prepared, I think we both wish it would get here quickly.  🙂

I will try to make regular updates, though I won’t promise…also, another plug for Twitter, as I post there quite often:  http://twitter.com/flashodad

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