Baby vs. Rhino

Another random title. *shrug* I’m not creative…

So, after a down swing mid-week, I got a pick me up yesterday that has me back on track. However, the end of the work week was sucky, mainly due to a McAfee VirusScan 8.0i problem that’s been occurring on almost every new laptop that comes in..

Today, Daniel woke up crying (as usual), but covered in vomit. A crapload of vomit in his crib… It was crazy. I cleaned up everything and we actually made it to daycare early. I got a call around 3:15 that Daniel had “explosive diarrhea” and would have to go home. So, I picked him up and took him home. He’s doing alright so far, but he just vomited again a few minutes ago. We were planning on meeting my parents in St. Louis for the Cardinals’ game tomorrow evening, but that looks like it might be off. We’ll see how he does overnight. *sigh*

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