Hey, Summer, you wanna play me?

So, we made it to St. Louis with no problems.  Daniel seems to be over his stomach bug, but I think I may have picked it up.  *sigh*

We went swimming at the pool for about 45 minutes, until a group of about 15 kids came in and started splashing everywhere.  Daniel isn’t a big fan of splashing, so we got out and dried off.  Now I’m sitting in the hotel room, using the free “high speed” connection, watching Napolean Dynamite, trying to work myself up to actually change out of my wet swimsuit and back into my dry clothes.

Game time is 6:15, so we’ll probably head that way around 4:45.  Taking the Metro over from Collinsville to the ballpark, then back later.  Should be interesting doing it with Daniel.  We’ll see how it goes.  Go Cardinals!

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