Reward system…

There are several non-necessity items that I’ve been thinking about getting lately. An example would be an iPod-docking alarm clock, like the iHome IH5 or JBL On Time Clock Radio. I’ve thought about making these items into a bit of a reward system of sorts for my dieting. “Hit this target weight, buy this item” deal, if you will. Knowing myself, these are things I’ll likely get at some point anyway, so adding them to the motivational facet of my diet seems like a good idea, so long as I can maintain the willpower to not impulse buy said items.

That being said, I have the opportunity to purchase one of said items for stackable savings that total 40% off, but the caveat is that it’s only valid for today. My dilemma: do I purchase it and set it aside until I hit my goal or do I pass up the savings and force myself to wait? 🙁

Update:  Too late, I ordered it.  The deal was too good to pass up.  I also got it gift-wrapped to make it easier to resist the temptation to open it up until I hit the target weight.  Motivators for the win…

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