A quote from last September

This was from an e-mail exchange about publishing my e-mail address as the contact point for departmental support. Anyone who works in a support group with multiple people and a single point of contact (group e-mail address, etc.) knows what problems this can cause.

OK, OK, OK….I’ll have [him] take your email addresses off that page! But I wish you wouldn’t be so persistent. Here’s a plan: I take an action. You object. I decide to accept your advice or explain why I don’t take your advice. NOW you should accept my view. You only get ONE objection. To object twice is to be “difficult.” To make your 2nd email this long is to be “argumentative.” If you find a reason to argue in a 3rd email,….. 🙂

followed 13 minutes later with

I just read the thread and discovered your long diatribe WAS your third objection….no wonder I was feeling so impatient!

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