Today was going pretty well…I had a productive morning, had a good lunch at the Flat Top Grill with Dave and some CITES Networking people.  I’d never been there, but I’ll definitely be back.  The food is excellent, the prices are reasonable, and children under 4 eat for free…It’s a much better deal that the weekly Chinatown Buffet.  I’ll have to convince Matt to give it a shot.

I suddenly feel like I got punched in the stomach, though…  blah.

Daniel is going out of town on Sunday to spend another week with Melissa.  I really need to get a lot of work done next week, but I’m not sure how I’ll be feeling.  If it goes anything like last time, Monday and Tuesday are going to feel like the weekend and throw my entire week off.  Again, blah.

At least it’s Friday and I don’t have to come to work tomorrow…

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