A step into the future

So, I last posted that I was having a really busy Saturday…

As I was sitting down at the demo derby with Matt, I got a call from my friends Josh and Kelly.  They were going out to the street fest (or whatever it was actually called) in Champaign and invited me along.  After the demo derby was over, Matt and I went there to join them.  I think everyone thought I was drunk after I had a few sips of my beer, but I was really just exhausted to the point that I didn’t have the energy to keep my guard up, so I was being talkative.

In the past few weeks, I’ve hit the various sales at Macy’s and picked up about eight new polo-style shirts, two pairs of shorts, three pairs of jeans, and one pair of cargo khakis.  My work wardrobe was starting to wear out, so I’m taking the opportunity to shift back from t-shirts/jeans to polos/jeans.

In addition to the wardrobe upgrade, I’ve actually asked a few people out in the last few weeks.  I don’t have much experience in that area, so it was scary as hell, but I’ve grown leaps and bounds through these few experiences.  I haven’t been successful yet, but I’m working on strategies found in “The Shy Single,” so I’m not considering anything a failure.  🙂

I know I need to gear up to deal with Daniel being out of town all week next week, followed by a full week off of work taking care of him, but I think I’m just about as happy as I’ve been in a while.

Now I just need to find that set of golf clubs and hit the links and I’ll be flying.  🙂

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