Blogger poker tournament

I played in the blogger poker tournament that I mentioned a few posts back on Sunday. It was pretty fun. I started at a table with DrPauly, a very well-known poker blogger and played with him until he busted out early. There were 1337 entrants (I shit you not…I’ve got the screenshot to prove it) and I finished 804. DrPauly finished 1131 and Wil Wheaton finished 861, so I was satisfied with outlasing the two famous people that I knew in the tournament. I spent the first 45 minutes or so hovering between $9000 and $15000, around the middle of the pack.  I dropped a bit as we closed in on the one hour mark.  I doubled-up on the first hand after the 5 minute break, which I really needed to do, as I was down to about $3000 at that point. That got me about 200 places higher overall. I could have probably limped along further, but I had a decent hand pre-flop and had to take a shot at it. Big blind (also the big stack) was the only caller and hit an ace on the flop to make a higher pair. I was really hoping to suck out, but as I said, I was just happy to have finished where I did. 🙂

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