Christmas lists

Every year, my family starts to ask for Christmas lists earlier and earlier.  This year, I’ve had several things that have popped into my head, but I keep forgetting to write them down.  Most of the things I’m interested in are cheaper online, so I usually try to provide links (along with applicable coupon codes) to make things easier.  I’m just really picky and I honestly prefer things that I use regularly (shoes, jeans, shaving products, tea…boring), rather than just stuff that will accumulate and I might not ever use…but people don’t like to buy boring things.  I’m already starting to look forward to seeing all of my family this year, which gets me to thinking about the alternating schedule that Daniel follows…one year he sees my Dad’s family before Christmas and the next year he sees my Mom’s family after Christmas…and spends the other time with his mom.  I wish they could all see him, but such is life.

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