And…I’m done

It’s 5:15am on Saturday, August 9, 2008.  Other than breaks for lunch, dinner, and an appointment with my therapist, I’ve been working since around 9:45am yesterday.  I’m tired.  I’ve got to be up and ready to leave for Chicago in just over 4 hours.  I still have to drive to my house from Newmark.  But…I finished every single thing that I had on my list that I wanted/needed to get done before I quit CEE.  Today was my last day.  It lasted 19.5 hours from start of work to end of work.  I’m done.  I feel like I can leave without looking back or wishing that I had accomplished something else.

I’ll miss a lot of the people here, but I won’t miss the environment that the leadership have created.  I’m moving on and I hope that it works out for the best for everyone involved.

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